Sacristía AB Palo Cortado

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Antonio Barbadillo Mateos, a member of the extended Barbadillo family legacy, which has been producing wines in Sanlúcar de Barrameda since 1821, embarked on his personal venture in 2010. Having spent numerous decades growing up and working on the family estate, he chose to establish his own endeavor. Antonio does not own a winery, instead, he follows a unique approach. He collaborates with various Sanlúcar producers, handpicking casks that he finds intriguing due to their "candor," in Antonio's own words. He then bottles these wines during specific seasonal extractions known as "sacas," operating under the brand name Sacristía AB. This choice of name reflects his dedication to quality, with "AB" denoting his initials, and "sacristía" referring to the term used in the region for a corner within a winery where the finest wines are stored. This is a really special Palo Cortado sherry from only one extraction that has aged for almost a century is casks, resulting in a truly remarkable experience!

This Palo Cortado is a limited and rare release aged for over 90 years, originating from a single "saca" or extraction from casks at the bodegas of Juan Piñero in Sanlúcar.

100% Palomino Fino. Tended in albariza soil.

Its nutty and slightly oxidized characteristics can match well with savory dishes such as roasted nuts, aged cheeses (such as Manchego), and cured meats like Jamón Ibérico. Additionally, its dry and rich profile can stand up to more robust flavors like grilled mushrooms, braised meats, and even dishes with a touch of sweetness, like caramelized onions or fig-based condiments.

It comes from the bodegas of Juan Piñero in Sanlúcar.

Sanlúcar de Barrameda, a historic fishing port located in the northern province of Cádiz, Spain, sits at the mouth of the Guadalquivir River as it flows from Jaén into the Gulf of Cádiz and the Atlantic Ocean. The region boasts Albariza soil, primarily white and calcium-rich chalk, which withstands the hot, dry summers of Andalucía by forming a protective crust over sun-soaked vineyards, preserving moisture for the vines beneath. The area's altitude ranges from 200 to 400 feet above sea level. Sanlúcar de Barrameda enjoys cooler temperatures than Jerez de la Frontera, averaging highs of 22°C (72°F) and lows of 13°C (56°F), with abundant sunshine totaling around 3,000 hours per year. The majority of the 584 mm (23 in) of yearly rainfall occurs between September and December. The region's unique positioning near the sea grants it high humidity and direct exposure to the beneficial Poniente wind, which provides the necessary cool humidity for the growth of flor. Flor is a layer of Saccharomyces yeasts that develops on biologically aged Sherries, and it thrives particularly well in Sanlúcar's coastal environment.

Deep mahogany color, with copper highlights and greenish nuances. On the nose, it's very aromatic, with distinct notes of toasted almond and hazelnut, and a hint of orange caramel. There is a hint of oak and a sensation of exotic wood like cedar along with a trace of toast.



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