In addition to importing wines of heart and soul, giving back has always been a fundamental part of who we are as a company.

We are proud to announce that as of the beginning of 2022, Olé & Obrigado is one of the first wine importers to be Carbon Neutral Certified. Our company is currently financing 3 projects that offset 100% of all carbon emissions generated by shipping wine to our distributors, restaurants, and retailer partners across America, as well as the administrative and commuting functions of all our employees.

Since Olé & Obrigado was founded, we have supported several important causes that make this world a better place. In addition to supporting cancer research, those with disabilities and oyster farmers, this year we are also giving back to the environment.

As individual and corporate citizens, our imprint is global. It would be inconsistent with our values as a company to ignore the urgency of addressing the impact we have on our planet. Through this effort, we are not only holding ourselves accountable for reducing our carbon footprint, but we are also helping the farming communities that we support produce more sustainable wines for the world to enjoy.


O2e by Supply Chain Step. Importation measured in metric tons.

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To offset 100% of these emissions, we are currently financing 3 projects in equal parts. These projects are focused on biomass, wastewater treatment and geothermal energy.

  • Biomass is plant-based material used as fuel to produce heat or electricity. Examples are wood and wood residues, energy crops, agricultural residues, and waste from industry, farms, and households.
  • Wastewater treatment aims to remove contaminants from sewage to produce an effluent that is suitable for discharge to the surrounding environment or an intended reuse application, thereby preventing water pollution from raw sewage discharges.
  • Geothermal energy is a type of renewable energy taken from the Earth’s core. It comes from heat generated during the original formation of the planet and the radioactive decay of materials. This thermal energy is stored in rocks and fluids in the center of the earth.


Beginning in 2023, Olé & Obrigado will be launching the rebranding of a series of 10 regional wines produced by Vinos del Atlántico which will also be carbon neutral. We realize that we have a long road ahead, but it is rewarding to see how many of the Olé & Obrigado producers are taking an active role to lower their carbon emissions through lower glass weight, renewable energy and other initiatives that make their wines better for our planet. Lastly, we are also working with our distributors to minimize logistical redundancies.

We are grateful to be in this journey and encourage everyone in the wine trade to deepen their understanding about their carbon footprint for a healthier planet.


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