Quinta da Pellada Jaen

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Winemaker Notes

"Lighter, sharper and crisper, more delicate. The red fruit is less obvious, while the mid-palate finesse seems even better. The texture leans more to silk than velvet. Overall, I loved the freshness here, which makes this a perfect food wine. Here, the strawberry tart nuance emphasizes that "tart" part. Many will adore its sunny and graceful demeanor." - Mark Squires, Wine Advocate

Wine Information

Dão is quickly becoming the most sought-after region for Portuguese winemakers to venture into; according to many, it’s one of the world’s most perfect microclimates: mountains protect it from continental heat to the east and Douro’s heat to north, and cool Atlantic breezes come inland to keep the overall temperatures more regulated, making for wines with bright acidity, ethereal aromatics, and compelling complexity. The DO’s granitic soils allow indigenous grapes to shine through in the wines, and provide firm, crunchy tannin against the bright fruit. Alvaro Castro has noted that “if God were to design a wine-growing region, what he would come up with would look a lot like the Dão.”   There is no modern Dão without one of the region’s longtime legends, Alvaro Castro, whose estate encompasses two small properties (or “quintas”) known as Pellada and Saes. Alvaro makes wine here with his daughter Maria, carrying on a tradition of winemaking on this property that dates to the 16th century! Together, they have resisted the internationalization push of the ‘80s and ‘90s, instead doubling down on their slow-wine approach, using local varieties grown and crafted in the true Dao field blend style.    

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