A Touriga Vai Nua

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Winemaker Notes

Dark purple. On the nose, fresh boysenberry, blackberry, plum and blueberry are commingled with a ferrous mineral note and wild notes of beef blood, anise and rose petals. On the palate, intense and lush, but light on its feet. The blue and black fruit are framed beautifully by fresh flowers and slate-tinged mineral. Finishes long, with a whiff of white pepper.

Wine Information

Fitapreta is António Maçanita’s estate near the ancient Roman city of Evora, located in the rolling hills of Alentejo. Since its inception in 2004, Fitapreta has pushed the boundaries of what fine winemaking can be in this region, and over the last two decades, the estate has become a benchmark for the New Portugal, earning Antonio international accolades like Winemaker of the Year, Most Unique Winemaker, and Winemaker of the Generation. Maçanita works only with indigenous varieties and showcases his estate’s terroir through exacting work: farming organically without irrigation, harvesting by hand at night, deliberate bunch sorting in the winery, and native yeast fermentation. Through his commitment to these principles, he can craft wines that represent sunny Alentejo, but which have a balance and freshness unmatched by others in the region. Maçanita finds equilibrium between tradition and modernity, and his constant exploration of vineyards has enabled him to show off a truly deep understanding of Alentejano terroir, present and past. Whether on his original estate vineyard or in his Chão dos Eremitas site, his wines always contain a through-line of elegance and purity. The broad assortment of wine styles available from Fitapreta is a testament to Antonio’s intellect, curiosity, playfulness, and rigorous attention to detail. Fitapreta has something for everyone! A Touriga Vai Nua, or “The Touriga Goes Naked,” is one playful example of António's skill: he takes the “typical” warmth and ripeness of Alentejo fruit and creates a completely novel expression out of Portugal’s king of grapes, Touriga Naçional. Like all the wines from Fitapreta, this wine showcases the Alentejo terroir – marked by a plush, slate-accented palate -- but by doing a partial carbonic maceration and a quick 3-month elevage in stainless steel, creates an expression of Touriga that is light on its feet and versatile. Try it with a slight chill, even. This is “Touriga as only winemakers have tasted it,” before it sees any blending or oak treatment, and a pleasure to drink.

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