Osborne Amontillado 51-1A (1830) VORS

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Winemaker Notes

The NV Amontillado 51-1A VORS, from a solera created in 1830 has a bright amber color. Intensely aromatic, with a nose full of balsamic notes (rosemary, thyme) intermixed with some smoke, spices, noble woods and hazelnuts. The intense, complex and complete palate shows great elegance and finesse, with a bitter orange and saline finish that makes it very tasty. Extremely long. Only 600 bottles are filled each year. This bottle would last, age and improve, probably for many years. Notes by Luis Gutierrez.

Wine Information

The Amontillado 51-1A (called "Amontillado 51 Primero") is one of the oldest existing soleras in the Jerez district dating back to 1830. While sold as a VORS (guaranteed minimum age of 30 years) is at least twice that age, and probably older. The entire solera is compromise of 52 barrels and only 1.5% of the wine is drawn yearly from each barrel. After the dismantling by Pernod Ricard of the Allied Domecq empire in 2005, the VORS soleras were bought by Osborne and moved to El Puerto de Santa Maria, where they now form part of the bodega/museum along with other amazing soleras. These old wines have been beautifully looked after by oenologist Ignacio Lozano, despite their lack of real profitability. They could never be sold for their real value, but help give prestige to the bodega and its other products. And to Sherry in general. In case of any confusion, there are still some of these wines around in the slightly different Domecq bottles.

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